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Newsletter March 2018

Newsletter March 2018

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Nogradi Zoltan- President-director

In the year 2009, mayors of three countries dreamed the establishment of this Grouping. Though with different law systems and municipal operations, the countries share rich common history.  After intensive preparations, in January 2011 the Banat- Triplex Confinium EGTC had finally become operative by law.

The Grouping was established in order to reduce the differences between the border regions.

The BTC EGTC may create opportunities which will enable greater cooperation between the municipal cooperation. This part is of special importance as we wish to revive economic and social relationships in our region.

Primarily, the BTC EGTC aims to keep the citizenship in its place, support youth’s future, search for renewable energy sources, increase the cooperativeness of SMEs as well as support the education at its different levels.

We will commit in rebuilding the broken relationships in the Hungarian-Serbian-Romanian region.


Kaba Gabor- Romanian Deputy-director

I warmly welcome you dear readers as I represent the Romanian part of the Banat- Triplex Confinium EGTC. The Romanian settlements are all on the based at the borderline and in the last century this has defined their development, which is falling behind. The established borders have broken development for many settlements as well as for my settlement,Jimbolia, as it has lost its economic relationships and influence over other municipalities.

The European Union day by day supports the degradation of these borders and as such, the BTC EGTC Groupings has a more important role, to strengthen the cooperation between settlements, institutions, youth, cultures and also common ethnicities that live on the other side of the border. The BTC EGTC can play an important role for the development of the complete region, supporting networking in smaller regions, partnership building, friendly relationship establishing between people.

The BTC EGTC needs to play an important role for the living conditions of people living here, in the increase of life quality, to support youth’s future.

Common action may bring greater investments to our region.

We need to find our mutual interests and cooperate for the development of our settlements.

The ethnicities living in this region may have the role of linking in this cooperation, as so the co-existence here is an example for the whole of Europe. It is also a value as how people nurture their heritage and traditions, their language.


Nyilas Mihaly- Serbian Deputy-director

The municipality of Kanjiža has been very active in the field of participation in various EU funded Programmes, ever since they became available to Serbia. It has valuable human resources and is development oriented. That is why Kanjiža was an active member of the Serbian negotiation team ever since the beginning (from 2008), and its task was to contribute to the establishment of the Banat-Triplex Confinium – EGTC. Apart from our municipality, other Serbian municipalities became observer members in 2009, and they are as follows:  Novi Kneževac, Čoka, Senta, Ada, Kikinda, Žitište and Nova Crnja, Unfortunately, the national regulations were not yet established for Serbian settlements to become full members of the partnership. Still, even as an observer member, Kanjiža understands and seeks the potential of trilateral cooperation. Even though it already has a relationship with some of the settlements covered by the EGTC, other connections can be established with municipalities with similar interests and goals: enabling a quality socio-economic situation for the population, development of local and regional -economy, -agriculture, -tourism, -culture. Coming to this point, Kanjiža, in cooperation with other municipalities might initiate participation in EU Programmes of an entire region in Serbia- the Tisa region. Kanjiža is a co-signer of the Protocol of Cooperation of the Tisa region along with six other municipalities: Novi Kneževac, Čoka, Senta, Ada, Bečej and Novi Bečej. Improvement of inter-municipal cooperation is an important long-term goal for Kanjiža, because it is obvious that only with mutual trust, experience exchange, use of human resources can bring about comparative advantages in the region and in the big family of the European Union. Our municipality sees EGTC as an organization which is willing to take on challenges in order to contribute to the overall development of the region, and as a potential partner in such enterprises.

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